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A light breeze blew the hood of Arlondwen's cloak off of her head and ruffled the mane of her mount. "Even the wind is urging us to seek shelter, Firiel," the young Elf said, her big eyes pleading.

"Surely there's an inn around here that doesn't charge such a fortune for a night's stay and a warm meal," her companion replied. "Or maybe a cold meal . . . " she trailed off, appearing to be adding sums in her head.

"The straits aren't that dire," Arlondwen replied, but she knew that her friends words rang true. "Look - the King's Piper - we've stayed there before; I'm sure they'll extend us credit if necessary." The disappearance of the sun's last rays behind the horizon convinced Firiel that she would have to make some sort of allowance if she wanted to sleep in a bed that night.

"Have your way, Arlondwen, but promise me this: the next job we see, we take."

"Even if it's guarding a merchant's caravan?"

"Even if it's guarding a merchant's caravan," replied Firiel firmly. "It's not that bad, in any case. It's temporary and safe and well-paying. Then we will at least have food to eat while we seek out a noble quest to protect all that is good and right and glorious in Middle Earth." Arlondwen's eyes flashed with pride for a moment. "I jest, Arlondwen. What are the chances you'll find a job such as that? All of the men with skill are employed in the King's Guard, and all of the women who can wield a blade wisely keep that fact hidden."

They maneuvered their horses behind the inn to the stables. Handing her reins to the nearest stable boy, Arlondwen began her instructions for the care of her horse. Just as she began to elaborate on his diet, Firiel pulled her toward the inn. "If you can't tip him, you won't get what you ask, no matter what." Grudgingly, Arlondwen let herself be pulled into the inn. Firiel purchased a single room and two cold meals in the common room before Arlondwen left her state of high dudgeon.
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Firiel Bio

Name: Firiel

Race: Gondorian

Appearance: Dark hair, green eyes, and fair skin. She has the natural beauty of her race, but it is often masked, as she doesn't hold grooming as a priority. She has a small frame, but she is surprisingly resilient and hardy for her size. Clad in a grey cloak and robes, embroidered with the insignia of her country.

Background: Her family has been Gondorian for more generations than have been counted. Her parents died in the battle of Pelennor Field when Firiel was young. She was left with a younger brother for whom she had to care. Though he was now living on his own, she still supported him financially from time to time, as he lived a life of gambling and drinking.

Personality: Firiel is strong, resolute, and pragmatic. She is loyal and a faithful fighter, but she is also practical and efficient. She is quiet, and likes to be alone. She holds it as the supreme irony that she travels with Arlondwen, someone so different from herself. But, though she would never admit it, Arlondwen's idealism was sometimes refreshing. Firiel learned from an early age to weild a blade, and has carried one since her parents died. She is a talented fighter, often actually enjoying it.

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Name: Arlondwen

Race: Elvish, of the Mirkwood strain

Weapons: sword

Animal: horse, black gelding called Galavorn.

Appearance: dark brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin. Tall and stereotypically Elvish. Dressed in greens and blacks with a long, thick hooded cloak. Eyes are most distinct characteristic.

Personality: idealistic and impulsive and absentminded. Passionate about fighting for a "cause." Would probably abandon eating as well as all pragmatism if not for her traveling companion, her foil in all ways. Impatient and a little aloof, she is nonetheless friendly enough to those she likes.

Bio: well-trained, no family ties, and etc., yet decidedly unembittered. Warrior for hire, and etc. . .

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Libby and I decided that we wanted to write our own RP, true to the style of the classic RPs on RB and TORC and such. However, we didn't really want the interference of those pesky RP-Wreckers, and we wanted the freedom of doing it at our leisure, so we created this community. We may expand to other writers, so feel free to ask.
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